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Don’t suffer in silence!

September is Suicide Prevention Month

I have been through depression, burnout, and other mental health problems but they don't define me. As a person, I am much more then that, even in the hardest times in my life. And, my dx and hx doesn't make me any less of the loving, caring, strong person I am today.

If anything,coming out of those struggles made me stronger.

But, I didn't do it alone. Although late because of many reasons, I did reach out for help from loved ones and health professionals.

Coming out of the mental health problems of my own, I made it one of my life purposes to speak about them and spread awareness and give help in any way to people in need.

Life will keep throwing curveballs at us and we will keep having problems/ struggles that we have to battle out in our lives. Some of them we don't wish upon our worst enemies. How we come out of them and the decisions we make in those times is what makes us the people we are today.

I ask everyone this, we reach out for help with physical problems openly. Why not mental health problems? Why the hesitation?

As a society, we all need to be open and aware of this, help and uplift each other up instead of calling people going though or having mental health problems, ’ crazy’, other names or looking at them different and putting them in a box feeling much worse, lonely, and helpless.

People suffering from mental health problems can wear masks of smile and happiness and hide it all too well. They can't or won't reach out for help until it's too late or never, mostly because of social stigmas, or feelings of guilt, shame, fear or unworthiness.

1 in 5 Americans will experience a mental illness in a given year.

Suicide rates have gotten even high with the coronavirus pandemic.

Spread awareness for depression and other mental health problems and prevent suicides. It ain't anything to be ashamed of or afraid of for yourself and others.

As health professionals, we go through major emotional and mental stress along with physical stress in our jobs. We need to be kind to ourselves the same as others.

I urge my allies suffering from any kind of stresses and mental health problems, to give yourself grace and reach out for help as needed.

We are all in this together. I am here with you!!

Smile at every person you meet. Spread positivity and help around like confetti!

We are in the business of changing smiles and lives for better anyway.

But, while you are at it, Why leave yourself behind? You don't have to be strong all the time and take the load of whole world on your shoulders, and keep going with your problems on your own.

Take care of yourself!Ask for help!Don’t suffer in silence!Prevent Suicide!!

If you relate to this post or know of someone who would relate to it, I would love for you to like, share, and comment on it.

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